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How often do we put our logic above our intuitive perception? In Intuitive Coaching I accompany you on your path to your intuition and inner knowing so that you can fully develop your potential. I guide you to go beyond your answers and really take control of your life and make the changes that are right for you. With intuitive coaching, you can look forward to personal growth and transformation in a playful and light way.

Whether in an individual coaching setting or in group courses, I work according to my philosophy and with different methods that fit the situation.


This is the basis for my coaching concept, which I have developed over the years. Intuitive coaching accompanies you playfully, in your growth, in your transformation. No matter whether we work with traditional coaching techniques, systemic questioning techniques, constellation work or energetic work.




This is how we start off into life and this is how we learn to move through life - playful.


Playing is the easiest and most beautiful way to grow.

It is the easiest and most beautiful way to fall and get up again, to try and try again.


When we approach life playfully and with curiosity, we don't lose the courage to go on.

When we approach life playfully, life remains light, our vision remains clear.


Playfulness in life allows us to dance, to move gracefully to the beat of life. It allows us to relinquish control and surrender to the flow of life. In this way we can reconnect with our authentic self and accept ourselves unconditionally.

Allow yourself playful moments in your life, they are your true path towards growth and transformation.





Growth often comes quietly, when we least expect it.

In the midst of our greatest challenges, we have the opportunity to look at us, to reveal our deepest selves. It is in moments of acceptance and letting go that we experience our greatest growth.


A push, a pull, in these moments our soul speaks to us and we begin to live our dreams - a little more each day.

"Even the Silence has a story to tell – just listen."

Jacqueline Woodson


Listen to the silence within you. Feel what she wants to reveal to you. Dare to be ruthlessly open with yourself and with life in this moment.



Wachstum kommt oft auf leisen Sohlen, dann wenn wir es am wenigsten erwarten.

Inmitten unserer grössten Herausforderungen haben wir die Gelegenheit hinzuschauen, uns selber anzuschauen. In Momenten des Annehmens und des Loslassens erfahren wir unser grösstes Wachstum.


Ein Schub, ein Sog, in diesen Momenten spricht unsere Seele zu uns und wir fangen an, unsere Träume zu leben – jeden neuen Tag etwas mehr.


«Sogar die Stille hat eine Geschichte zu erzählen – höre einfach zu.» - Jacqueline Woodson


Lausche der Stille in dir.


Fühle, was sie zu sagen hat. Traue dich, dir und dem Leben in diesem Moment schonungslos offen zu begegnen.



The wings of transformation a born out of the deep knowledge of who you really are.


Do you think the caterpillar knew that one day it would fly? Do you think in its wildest dreams it could have imagined that one day it would become a butterfly?


It is worthwhile dreaming the wildest dreams and it is worthwhile allowing ourselves to get fully engaged in life. In life there is always a spot that is meant just for us.


If we trust life, transformation comes to us. If we trust ourselves, we can experience metamorphoses of being. Through the courage to engage, to become part of the whole, we experience the miracle of life and transformation.


And suddenly we realise we are so much more than we dreamed we could be.



I use different methods that vary depending on the individual situation as well as the individual personality. In all techniques used, I have numerous years of experience and thorough training.

Degree in psychology

My curiosity and my deep wish to know how we as humans function led me to the decision to study psychology already in my teens. This immense treasure of scientific knowledge and methods accompanies me in my coaching sessions and enriches the tools and methods I have acquired throughout my life.

Coaching techniques

Systemic questioning techniques draw your attention to aspects that otherwise often remain hidden. This strengthens your self-reflection and self-organisation. Systemic coaching helps you to adopt new perspectives and explore options for action in a playful way.

Systemic constellation / family constellation

Often we adopt behavioural and reactive patterns from our individual family context, which we carry deep into adulthood. The constellation work allows you to visualize systemic constructs, question them, uncover connections and express and address entanglements and disalignments.

The work in the energy field

I have learned to read your energy field - also called the morphic field. By connecting to your energy field, I receive information that is otherwise difficult for you to access.
I will take you on the journey, to also bring you closer to the information in your energetic field and to your inner voice.
Reconnecting with this intuitive knowledge opens your eyes to yourself and your life story and can be the beginning of a true transformation.

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