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Individual coaching

The same applies to individual coaching: play, grow, transform!

Playfulness, trying out new things, bring us into our growth. When we start to experiment, new things can manifest. Playfulness is the basis for targeted growth.

Growth means realising a little more of our potential every day. Becoming more of the person we really want to be each and every day. In our growth we feel, how our core unfolds and how we change and dive more and more into a true transformation.

In transformation we manage to let our light shine fully. We begin to listen to the inner voice again and trust our intuition. We take full responsibility for our lives and thus learn to master every situation in life - from our inner core.

What to expect


Getting to know each other
It is important to me that we fit together.
For this reason, I am happy to get to know you in a 30-minute meeting in which you can tell me about your topics and concerns and I will make a suggestion as to how we may approach your questions and issues together. The conversation is free of charge and you can decide afterwards whether coaching with me is suitable for you right now.

Coaching sessions
In each session we look at your goal. What is on your mind right now? What are your topics and concerns and is the original goal still relevant?

Transfer of the sessions
Between sessions I like to provide you with a little homework - always voluntary and don't worry, this is also about play and stimulating the playfulness in you.
These are usually small impulses that accompany you in your everyday life and pave the way for the transfer of the changes experienced in the session into your everyday life.

Duration of the accompaniment
The duration of the coaching accompaniment depends on your topics, needs and issues, usually around 4 to 10 sessions. Some of my clients come again and again to be accompanied sporadically, when they want to take a deep dive.
You only book one session with me at a time. After each session you are free to decide when it is time for your next session. Most of my clients book a session every 2 to 4 weeks.


Costs and organisational matters

The individual coaching sessions take place online or in my practice in Zurich or Horgen, depending on your preference.


I charge 170 CHF for a one hour coaching session.

I recommend booking 1.5 hours for each session - 240 CHF.

With every session you donate: 5% go directly to The Kite Project - A Swiss social & humanitarian network
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To book your coaching session or a free "getting to know each other" appointment, simply call me (+41 78 9 46 88 43) or send me an email (

Note on my services: I do not conduct psychotherapy and my services are not covered by health insurance. As a certified coach I accompany you on your way to recognise temporary problems and to find the right questions and answers to them. In the case of an illness or serious disorder, my support cannot and does not want to replace a visit to a specialist or therapist nor any medication.

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