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Course: Connect to your inner wisdom

This online course consists of three parts in the group and an individual coaching. Again my coaching approach counts:      play, grow, transform!


How often do we get lost in drama and emotions and carry a heavy weight with us? How often do we fight with ourselves in our minds, trying to find the perfect solution to please everyone and that perfect solution just doesn't exist. Most of the time we succeed in mastering these situations and stages of life, but the journey costs us a lot of energy and brings us little joy.

Yet we all come into this world with a wealth of intuitive knowledge. We often lose this energetic connection, our basic trust, over time. In this course you will get to know yourself better. You learn to use your own power and to reconnect with your intuition. You access your inner knowledge and can thus deal more mindfully and consciously with your life.


Modul 1

Becoming aware


Who am I, where do I come from and where am I going?
Find out where your inner power lies and what strengths you have that serve you as daily resources.

Modul 2

Identifying obstacles and blockages

What burdens are you still carrying around, what beliefs and ideas of right and wrong accompany you and what is still preventing you from becoming the truest version of yourself?

Modul 3

Finding your potential

Accelerate your transformation, playful and with ease. You go deeper into yourself to find the hidden potential that is waiting to be lifted. Find your true potential.

Modul 4

Access your inner


Learn to access your inner wisdom, learn to trust your inner advisor again and learn to use your intuition. When this trust is restored, you can deal with any situation in life in a more relaxed and mindful way and find drama-free solutions.

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