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A few years ago I developed a game for a workshop with around 80 people. Joining the project from different organisations, they who would be working together for the coming years on a large building in the pharmaceutical industry.

The aim was to build trust in this new environment. In my reflections on how best to foster trust, a game came to mind. In playing the game, I realized, how much easier it is for us to engage in new things, how much more willing we are to leave our comfort zone, how much more courageous we are to proceed and how much our attitude and behaviour changes once we are in play mode.

In play, we are allowed to be someone else. And it is precisely this playfulness that brings us into our growth. When we start to experiment, new things can manifest. Playfulness is the basis for targeted growth.


Growth means realising a little more of our potential every day. Becoming more of the person we really want to be each and every day. In our growth we feel, how our core unfolds and how we change and dive more and more into a true transformation.


In transformation we manage to let our light shine fully. We begin to listen to the inner voice again and trust our intuition. We take full responsibility for our lives and thus learn to master every situation in life - from our inner core.

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